27. Amateurfunkmeeting in Nemčavci (Slowenien)

  •   Flohmarkt Treffen OE4 OE6 OE8 ÖVSV Dachverband

Club S59DBC/S53M is organizing a 27th hamradio meeting and is inviting all hams to join the event.

The meeting will took place in village Nemčavci, close to Murska Sobota on 17th August after 12.00. Location: https://goo.gl/maps/7PMPp2CUuo62

With its long tradition and hospitality of the organizers this meeting has become an excellent opportunity to meet hams in a very pleasant way. We always take great care of the guest and offer free food (bograč and roasted pigs) and drinks under very low prices.

There will be a ceremony for all VHF&UP (July, September, October, November 2018, March, May, June, 50MHz, 70MHz 2018 contests), Alpe Adria VHF/UHF/SHF 2018 contest. There will also be a HST (High speed CW) contest.

Flea market will take place with sellers from S5, HA, 9A and OE and we can provide the place to set up a booth for free.

If in need of any information contact us at s53m@s53m.com or call S53ZO at +386 40 160 200. We can also help with accommodation. Our region has plenty of spas and beautiful nature so this can be an excellent family trip.

73 & welcome
Simon, S53ZO